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Damage Control

"Experto Crede"
Damage Control Action Sports is Wisconsin's largest Action Sports Park. Our management staff has over seventy years of combined experience in both managing and playing paintball and airsoft. At Damage Control, our motto is "Experto Crede."  Trust in one experienced. 

We have more than 80 acres of pristine playing area.  With the largest urban combat course in the entire Midwest, speedball fields, airball fields, and woodland courses. From full on frontal assault enthusiast, to sneaky snipers and flanking fans- There is a field or environment to suit every player's individual taste. Fun for all, with teams being divided on experience level to insure newer, or younger players are never pitted against unfairly skilled opposition.

With our courteous, well-trained, professional staff of referees and safety officers- our guests can rest assured they will be offered the best experience possible. In addition to offering some of the best fields in midwest, we also have a full service pro-shop on site to equip players with all the gear and equipment they could hope for.

We've got something for everyone. From the newest novice, to the most seasoned of veteran players.

Full Service Pro Shop

Real Action Combat
Damage if fully outfitted with all the supplies you need for a full day of combat. We offer both paint and airsoft ammunition, as well as gun sales and rentals. Looking for a bite to eat or something to hydrate yourself? We also stock a full supply of combat ready snacks and drinks.
To book your adventure, give us a call.

Park Packages

We offer rental packages as well as bring your own weapon packages.
Damage Control has some great packages to help get you on your feet. If you're new or a casual player to airsoft and paintball, we have some of the finest weaponry available on the market. If you're a combat ace and would like to bring your own weapons (please refrain from bringing your nuclear weapons), we have day passes available as well.

All packages are valid from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on the day of purchase.

Check out our packages below:

FT12 Rental Marker Package

$ 35 00
Tippmann FT-12 paintball gun
Includes 500 paintballs
All day air pass
Additional paint:
$20 per 500 rounds
$70 per 2,000 rounds

M4 AEG Rental Airsoft Package

$ 35 00
M4 AEG airsoft gun
Includes 1,000 rounds
Additional rounds are available at the pro-shop.

Personal Paintball

$ 20 00
All day air pass
Field paint only
Additional paint:
$15 per 500 rounds
$55 per 2,000 rounds

Personal Airsoft

$ 20 00
Bring your own equipment and play all day!

Multiple BB weights are available for purchase.
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