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Operation Ice Breaker


Ice Breaker is the grand opening paintball event at Damage Control Action Sports LLC! Be among the first players to dirty up what is on pace to be the largest paintball facility in Wisconsin by the end of next season. The existing 40-building city will be the perfect venue to get in some winter games and get a taste of what the future holds for the massive 80 acre Damage Control property. We will have at least one heated/netted/safe building on-field, two or more if we are able to source extra heaters. After the game ends, we will be happy to run small games on their other fields until dark for anyone who wishes to play them. Here's hoping it's a warm December. Either way... we'll be here, ready for those hungry enough to face mother nature for some outdoor ball.

Game Summary: This is a simple Red v. Blue game with relatively short rounds, single hit kills and constant re-insertions. There will be two kinds of objectives; 6 flag stations will be placed on the field, each worth 3 points to the team that owns them, every 5 minutes. Each team will also have a team flag to defend. 15 points will be awarded each time a team recovers the enemy's team flag and returns it to their own team's base. For more detailed information, just keep reading!

Be sure to visit and like Damage Control Action Sports LLC's Facebook page for updates on their field building progress!

Entry: $10
Entry+Rental+500 rounds: $35

-Field Paint Only-
Empire Custom or GI Frostbite: $55/2000, $15/500

Free Air Fills

Age Restriction
10 & up with an adult
14 & up solo

All players must sign Damage Control's waiver, regardless of age.

Check-In opens 9:00 a.m.
Orientation 10:30 a.m.
Round 1: 10:45-11:30
Round 2: 11:45-12:30
Lunch: 12:30-1:00
Round 3: 1:00-1:45
Round 4: 2:00-2:45

-Follow all Damage Control safety rules. All game and field rules will be gone over during the pre-game orientation, and individually for any players who arrive late.
-All "Dead" players must have a barrel blocking device on their marker in the playing area.
-Overshooting will not be tolerated.
-Rambo and Surrender rules should be used as often as possible against rental players.
-280 FPS limit
-Semi-automatic only.
-FSR allowed, chrono to 280 fps.
-Each players marker will be checked by a ref at the start of the game, after lunch, and randomly during the game.
-No rocket/grenade launchers.
-Field Paint Only
-Players who do not follow safety rules will be asked to leave.

Hit Rules
-When "Hit" (marked by a paintball, dime size or larger) you are dead.
-Call your hit, raise your marker and leave your bunker.
-Apply your barrel blocking device.
-Keep your gun up any time you are dead in sight of enemy players.
-Return to your team's base to reenter play.
-Dead players don't talk! Do not communicate with any live players while you are out of play.
-Grenades: Any grenade that produces a "bang" kills anyone within 15 feet who is not fully behind a solid wall or bunker. Paint grenades kill by marking with any amount of paint.

Team Bases
-Each "Team Base" will be a large area marked by sections of orange marker tape.
-Players may ONLY enter play from anywhere inside their team's base, at any time during the game. You are considered "in play" the moment you remove your barrel blocking device.
-Players may not enter their enemy's base.
-Players do not have to call hits when they are playing inside their own base.
-Players may attack from within the boundaries of their own base.
-Being inside of your team's base will not exempt you from being shot at from outside your base. Always use a barrel blocking device to show that you are out of play when you are in-bounds on field. You will most likely be shot a few times today while you are dead. This is common and almost always unintentional. Do your best to brush it off.


Capture Points
-There are 6 capture points (flag stations), the locations of which can be found on your maps.
-Raise your team's flag by pulling the enemy's flag down to take possession of a capture point.
-Your team will be awarded 3 points every 10 minutes for each capture point you own.

Team Flags
-Each team must protect a flag located near their base.
-Bringing your enemy's flag back to your base earns your team 15 points.
-Once a flag is recovered, it will be put back into play at it's starting position by event officials. This may take up to 10 minutes.
-Attackers must immediately drop the flag if they are eliminated.
-Players may not touch their own team's flag. 

Please message Aftermath Games or email with any event-related questions.

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